Heres a few good titles….. for natural nutrition , healing , home formula’s etc .

Some good titles….. for natural nutrition , healing , home formula’s etc .




18 thoughts on “Heres a few good titles….. for natural nutrition , healing , home formula’s etc .

  1. These are few of the best indeed. β™‘β™‘β™‘ I have some of them as well a few others. One full picture publication thats beautifully illustrated I really like is a magazine/book on herbalism callled “Natures Best Remedies” by National Geographic.

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    • Yes i agree , and this is a few from the collection and then more importantly we have many books on whats in our region …. B.C. Canada , around here we live in the mountains in forest , we know what and where to get , when needed or wanted . Even if that pic of the books i took just triggers someone into that direction , perfect ! Its the mindset to have and thanks for your comment and nice name !

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      • I like the name of this blog because of two things. Natural health and Canada.They go together. β™‘ I live near the border of Virginia and North Carolina states which is in the middle of nature too. πŸ™‚

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      • Indeed. I love the forest and the ocean. Thanks for posting that. I found your blog too. I practice holistic medicine professionally and in my personal lifem Happy to find your like beautiful blog through what you shared. :).

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      • Hey. Thanks. Thanks that would be amazing if you posted/linked it. Yes. I just started the WP blog although I’ve been practicing for 15 years. I’m the hands on and talking/teaching in person type transitioning to online moreso in the last couple of years. Time to blog it. πŸ™‚ Share away. Hopefully in reaches those it can help. I have aquired over 50 certifications over the years because my license requires it but also I love and live it. β™‘β™‘β™‘

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      • Beautiful . Yes i agree we share . In your post then make sure you fill in tags and categories , up to 15 max combined , so that those who search on WP get your post in their results , in the reader …. tags and categories “keywords , searchterms” (related to topic) if you haven’t . Yes i willo post your link for sure , i am not a huge site but get traffic .

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      • Thanks for the positive support and recommended suggestions for the blog. I appreciate the kindness. The traffic will be beautiful to help bring awareness of the benefits of herbalism. Im all in. Sharing online and finding like-minded is such a universal blessing. πŸ™‚

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      • Sweet yes , the like-minded , connected . Distances matter not . You’re welcome its my pleasure . Positive things snowball . Lastly also research “google webmaster tools” to get your blog indexed in google searches , everything is not hard at all on wordpress . Everything to customize your pages are in WP Admin its called on the left. Add “widgits” too which are what you see on the columns on the right and left of blogs . Any of those terms you can type into google also and get tons of tips ! Forums and whatnot . πŸ™‚

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      • No problem at all .. i should of said first that you go into your posts and click to edit that 1 and then on the right in edit are where you set tag words and categories for searches to find it ….. get it seen .

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      • Ok. yeah. I was wondering about the tags. I did list a few to start but do need to add a few. Then do the google and widget things. And find my my way around links and stuff. Love the techy stuff but its my daughter who is a natural at it.

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      • Your suggestions are indeed helpful. Like when you start a new school and have to find where everything is and this kind person in the hallway says… the library is that way and the cafeteria is over there but dont eat the lasagna. Definitely sign up for the Art class though. Lol.

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      • lol yep . You can see the post i did of your link and see the tags i attached and categories … the key in WP is in whats called “dashboard” then all the tools are on the left … i think your page is an epic start .

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      • Thats a very encouraging compliment. Thanks sincerely. And thanks for leading me back to the dashboard with all the amazing guidance and tools it provides. I actually planned to look at the back-end tech stuff tonight. Good Karma. Looking forward sharing the awareness and knowledge in my blog and like-minded blogs as well as gaining insight and connecting with others universally. πŸ˜‰

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