Neter Nature Ntr God Principle Aspect Energy Force . by Dave .

Neter Nature God Principle Aspect Energy Force .


Much Thot .
Ancient times spoke of Neters , Neter Gods . Ancient Matriarchal(female rule) Kemet times long before “Egypt” yet in the same region being the continent of Africa we must remember . I want to speak of this era long before records etc . Long before Greek Patriarchal(male rule) “interpreted” penned Egypt which is derived from the Greek word Aegyptos . These writings i believe from Herodotus , are the basis of todays accepted “Egyptology” teachings as they call it . The only one that believed he was accurate was himself , this great so called “history writer” .

We want to go back farther than what is written so one easy way from the many to see/do this is use John Anthony West’s work on re-dating The Sphinx with a renowned water erosion expert etc to perhaps 35 000 years old , not this ridicilous few thousand year old story that it was made by modern Egytptians . Ancient African Kemetians built this and the “Pyramids” (all the words are greek , in Kemet it is Per-Neter) . Highly intelligent people(connected to nature and knowing its natural sciences) and so when today as a modern man we look back on the feats they accomplished and some even then grasp at other concepts like they had alien contact and help and guidance theories yes , this disconnected from nature modern mind will surely go there rather than try to understand how we humans were far above even fathomable intelligence . We are not going to use any modern mindset containing the phrases for example ” oh thats this and that religion or teaching etc” , as for this thought we are sitting in an era long before them ALL . Modern lower material thinking and interpretation will only keep it all confused and hidden in the dark , the ancient pure natural higher thinking is the light . No outside interference/noise .

This ancient culture has not many records for us , few pieces and people here and there remain . Probably one of the hardest topics to study , just to find anything that is source , to build mindsets and perspectives from(keys for these locks) . To begin to grasp this thinking that is so pure and simple as all things are , but in a time today when everything is confused , misinterpreted , and complicated to gain ego , geed , control , and profit from .
Neter means Nature , simply put that before vowels(the corruption) existed it was Ntr . So The Neter Gods , Nature Gods . Nature science has forces , energies , invisible , visible , principles , aspects and so on . Yes we will need then many Gods . Nature contains masculine and feminine “elemental sciences” we will say so then yes we will need male and female Gods and Goddesses . They spoke of son and daughter gods and goddesses conceiving between them a child which to all is a disgusting thing but i believe this simply meant that a masculine and feminine similar principle in nature came together and created a new principle , a god or goddess . 2 duals that are balanced(in marriage, conception) forming a new one .

The Sun based culture in the Sun based(centered) cosmic system call it a religion , cult , etc and they are all from that Source Knowledge . When you have The Sun that is the Creator on Earth the planet you and your people stand on then you yes make Him an important top God in the list lol and you worship “THE Disc” and Her the Crescent .

… if a religion speaks of a one god creator then it is speaking of All things , a ONEness in total as well as in singular . Its speaks of you below , it speaks of the universe above . The sources(underlying meanings(origins) to the stories and characters) to these types of religions have been written and concealed or veiled , allegorically scribed for literal material “viewing” of the surface texts only . Like a stone skipping water , atop much volume below . The purpose being for control , authority , profit . This is how the modern man material ego greed mind works . The lower mind . Patterns habits traits , the subconcious unaware mind . Programmed and worst of all disconnected from Nature and Knowing and Being .
Lookinnotout . Dave Emm .


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