Harmful Foreign Elements . by Dave .

Just a Thot ….
Foreign elements are harmful to the human body , whether it be from many forms such as food , treated water , medicine , polluted air , etc but also keep away the foreign elements that can be harmful to the human mind such as stress , drama , worry , negativity , opinions , others issues , etc . Dont intake foreign elements and let define you .
A human body needs nourishment and pure water and a human mind needs focus and clarity .
When we breath in we are bringing IN air so in the mind say along with the slow intake “Cleeeeear” and when we release a breath we are LETTING OUT/GETTING RID so say whatever you need too “Releeease” , “Letttt Go” with the whole exhale , might as well match what the body is doing mechanically , mindfully/spiritually ? Bring IN the new Thot and then Let OUT the old Thot . Saying those phrases also while breathing slow and deep does one thing , the mind is pre-occupied fully and stops and relaxes in the chill state . Whatever works ….
Mind and Body working together , no internal division . Just as the material body needs a strong immune system , the spiritual mind does also need a strong immune system . Look In Not Out . Dave Emm .



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