Dr Lissa Rankin , in to awareness . Self healing . 4 of her incredible video’s / seminars .

Ok , heres the Queen of Hearts in the source deck , just the 1st power card … THE Great Dr Lissa . 4 of her short intro vids . Much to gain from Herstory , not History . Lookinnotout .

As a Dr in her field of a cpl decades i believe it was , she awoke one day literally and asked herself honestly …. ” Am i helping my patient’s or am i killing them ? ” . Now she lectures .

“The thorn in the side of medicine”

There are 200 strong cases in the medical journals of placebo , healing with the mind . A mere “symbol” of medicine–the sugar pill, saline injection, doctor in a white lab coat–the placebo nonetheless sometimes produces “real” results.

Lissa :

We’ve all heard of the placebo effect, but many are completely ignorant of it’s polar opposite, the nocebo effect. Instead of getting better from a sugar pill as in the placebo, the nocebo is the exact opposite. Your health deteriorates because you were told it would.

“The medical establishment has been proving that the body can heal itself for over 50 years. We call it “the placebo effect,” and we’ve been trying to outsmart it for decades. We know that in clinical trials, patients being treated with sugar pills, saline injections, and even fake surgeries get better anywhere from 18-80% of the time!

The placebo effect is a thorn in the side of modern medicine. It’s an inconvenient truth that gets in the way of proving that new treatments are more effective than letting nature take its course.

But the placebo effect is nothing to be avoided. It’s something to embrace, because it provides concrete evidence that the body is equipped with innate self-repair mechanisms that have the power to cure. When you cut yourself, your body knows how to mend the cut. When your bone breaks, the bone knows how to stitch itself back together again. We all make cancer cells every day – and the body disposes of them. Infectious invaders, foreign bodies, broken proteins – the body can handle it, assuming those self-repair mechanisms are functioning properly. ”


Is there scientific proof we can heal ourselves:

The shocking truth about your health:

Is medicine killing you:

Are you making yourself sick:


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