Build your own positive ” Selfcebo ” . Belief Within . One of my personnal experiences . by dave .

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This is not to advise or to recommend you try this :

… unless you stand firmly and are willing to accept results for choices made and , have “backing” and a serious connection to the Sun and THE above i believe , period . I automatically did this myself before knowing even the term placebo or nocebo , then later was shown this body of work and I began to research .

So 7 years ago i was told i would have a heart attack within one year  , with my “Level 3 Severe Mitral Valve Prolapse condition” . So back then i had a few ultrasounds to monitor the deterioration of the valve and yes i saw and heard it myself , floppin and sloshin around . I was always tired , took daily naps , had chest pains , out of breath easily , etc .

At about 6.5 years ago in the office of the Cardiology Specialists , something snapped basically (as a result from how i was judged and treated) and i arose and told him to stop talking and announced to take me off all tests and monitoring i am done with this thot and do not accept it , burn my file , good bye . I walked out .


I never felt better , walking down the road looking back at that place . Without knowing what i was doing or any terminology , instinctively , i designed a personal silent mind meditation that takes 1- 2 minutes , it can stop chest pain etc sometimes in under 20 seconds . Never have i quietly meditated in my life , I meditate in deep thought , thats where i am happiest and content .

I designed a string of sentences and phrasings i merely repeat in my head anywhere i am or however much noise is around me , but i used an old teaching from scientist Gregg Braden that is echoed in others great work . ” Heart Thought ” not the mind . The heart emits a field 100 times stronger than the trouble maker brain . The brain is a wondering/questioning material infant and the Heart is the Knowing ancient wise soul . The heart is clear and concise and knows no noise . You start first the thought with the mind BUT you then hold that thought and begin to “push it down to the heart” . You can actually feel this happening , there is a connection made you can feel to the heart , i call it an umbilical cord it feels like attaches to the heart and this cord i say is attached to all consciousness/possibilities .

Last week they got in touch with me probably surprised i am living , and asked for an ultrasound , so i said ok sure lets do one 6 years later …..

Results are ……. no change in condition of the valve , explain that one ….. you can make and use your own Placebo from inside . I am already mentally working on a new so called ‘issue’ they found and in 2 months have it under control i believe .

If anyone wants i can write out in detail this mindset i use and how to connect to a certain laneway lets call it , in the many lanes of consciousness . Do you know which lane you are in ? Do you even know you are on one of many that YOU can choose , if aware and not stumbling through life stuck on one . Lookinnotout .

YOU CAN control the switchyard (not like this material realm where everything is handed out)  and which tracks you are on . “IT” will throw you on a set of these random tracks if unaware and then life goes on . One MUST demand this and let the universe above know that you are aware of how this works and that it is yours and a part of you as you are of it . Take and give , flow through all things , return / send . Make it yours . Lookinnotout . Dave Emm .


2 thoughts on “Build your own positive ” Selfcebo ” . Belief Within . One of my personnal experiences . by dave .

    • Hello Joanne yes well i have Thot about this and how to present it , (many people love the cell salt vid i have on my channel and i have promised them more vids) i have been working on a short vid to upload to youtube on this topic , as i dont want to write it out on the web and have it seem a “loose” interpretation . Its been 6 years now and i have been wanting to talk of this for years but i waited until i had some time pass for some “self proof” to build up which it now has . Hopefully today i can concentrate fully on this and finish it and get it uploaded , then sent to Brother Santos to check it and he will post it on his page for me to kick it off like he does all my stuff . But hey also how is your site ? Still have it etc and active on it ? Ok thanks for this question as it stirred me to get this finished .


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