Being Aware and Mindful Starts Within .

Modern life today unfortunately is full of toxins and poisons . We eat well , avoid flouride and excercise as best we can but still much is against our health . The environments we work in inside buildings , and outside  even , the vehicles we sit in with freon air conditioning and heaters blowing hot air through plastics and rubbers etc , if we dont want food or drinking water in plastic containers and the like , where do we draw the line . We dont is the answer , as there are no pie slices , we have to be aware and complete and fully rounded in the thinking . Dont put yourself in these daily conditions when possible . Its not just what we eat . What we breathe . What we see …

Even then think of the daily discussions and topics that come up normally in routine at work etc . This can be poisonous and toxic to the mind . Negative topics and issues or images that can cause stress and worry and fright , this all strongly affects the brain which mirrors into the material health . Negative thoughts and the like create negative outcomes in the human body , this immune system too iteslf “becomes negative” . Negative “energies” are also toxins to stay clear of .

So try and stay positive in thoughts and what you carry mentally , keep the brain happy 1st then the body will mimic its state . Stay out of bad environments and away from negative energies . Be well to ALL ! Trust the self and be wise in researching and confident in choices you make . BELIEVE in YOU . Lookinnotout . Dave Emm .


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