Syncretism in the Material Hue-Man and its inner Chromo-Sum. by Dave.

Dave Emm
SaturnDay May 13th 2017.
Syncretism in the Material Hue-Man and its inner Chromo-Sum.

Divinity/Soul/Ascension/ is Race/Color/Tribe Specific ?

Race, color and tribe are division(separation) either by skin color or land region. By Man.
Divinity, soul and ascension are unity(One) by universal law. By Nature.

NO ONE can take ANY ancient pure culture of the many across this planet and state it division specific . IF YOU know your own culture as claimed then you should know it is of the sky . The cycles above , the movements , the influences , the mathematics behind it all , and much more are with Syncretism mirrored to the ground below and all are simply said , Nature . The only divisions in Nature are the gaps between Fibonacci numbers in the sequence .
Now then Nature has created this Human of many variations and differing tones of skin known as Hues therefore we are all Hue-Man . The Hue is the material visible Vase and the Man are its contents known as spirit or soul . Too much is mankind falsely focussing of this material vessels appearance and lost track of the contents in the vase , water , life , spirit , awareness and such . Just as there are yearly seasonal cycles on the ground , daily hourly cycles , lifetime cycles of the hue-man vessel and within well , the soul also has it cycles . All are differing lengths but ALL do exist . Beginnings and ends .
Exterior material Hue-Man has an inner spiritual Chromosome . Chromo(color) – some(soma,body). We receive a sum of minerals from zodiacal signs in a material and cosmic womb together in our gestation period and use a colorwheel chart also asigned to this zodiac band and its signs . Therefore we are variations of this sum of minerals or colors on the chart , our inner sum of colors , Chromo-Sum . Some-sum . Musical notes are also on a colorwheel chart which correspond to each sign and mineral as well and much more so then it is our “Song” as well .

I WILL write this out now then that there is not one soul/spirit that is Hue-Man vessel color specific . You cannot acuse today anyone of a specific skin color , of being involved/guilty/responsible in something that happened even before their time . Think of this even for a minute .

If WE divide divine teachings up ourselves into groups of skin colors , the texts are then destroyed out of the box by the messengers themselves unknown , ignorant to this fact and reality . Hate , ego , division , greed , corruption , and war are the results and the Rulers . All are unharmonious to nature and its balance , picture it on the smaller microcosm of our body that if the cells behave in this manner we are extremely sick inside as a result of the unharmonious cells . Just as we are doing to the planetary body , on the outside . We are being its unharmonious cells , we are causing its dis-eases .

Ok the reason i said above “Think of this for even a minute” 2 paragraphs ago is this : Today if i point a finger at a shade of Hue-Man in my anger for a past incident on say “my people” by say “their people” well , what if back in that time it was I(Soul) that was the Hue of the agressor , and not the victim as i am claiming to be today purely based on this present Hue that the soul is travelling in merely for this one time around . That is what i ask .
I speak from heart , lion , soul , sol , sun , son …. and not Shell. Lookinnotout . Dave Emm .
… when you look inward you are seeing a periscope also , up to the sky above you ….


Santos Bonacci chart . by Sonia Bonacci .


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