Vita Mix high performance blenders .

I recommend the Vita Mix high performance blenders with 10 year warranty to crush and pulverize fully , the fruit skins which contain the most but are not digestible . If i was stranded on an island (with power) and could choose one device from the kitchen …. the VitaMix !!!!

I make my fruit drinks (this is not a smoothie as those have 20 things in them almost) with just organic fruit . This one was an orange , a pear , a banana , 2 different apples , frozen blueberries , 1/4 cantaloupe , 1/4 honeydew , a lemon , a mango . 10 fruits turned into a drink mmmmmmm … from the Sun/Sol for the Son/Soul .

Take a look at this glass of the drink and just how small the fruit skins became , the tiny red specks for example from the apple skins . The specs in the glass are skins not tiny seeds from raspberries or anything . Incredible machine !
You can purchase the VitaMix with the dry grinder also as shown in the pic , this is what we use to make flours etc . This thing sounds like an airplane when you crank it up , i believe it is a 1.5 horsepower motor . Expensive but well well worth it !


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