The Intelligence of the Cell Salts That Build the Human Body and the Plant.

Dr George Washington Carey :
I copied this out from one of his texts , amazing genius and author . One of the great thinkers for mankind ….. incredible man giving us incredible insight .

“Of Earth and air the body of man is made, and in death it returns to air and ashes, that plant-life may in new forms develop new powers”.

“And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and Man became a living soul”.

The foregoing statement from the Bible, is in itself conclusive proof that the physical body is made from earth and air. As the human body must be sustained, it must be supplied with the same material from which it was made “in the beginning”, namely dust of the ground which is mineral or inorganic salts and air.

The true meaning of artery is “air carrier”, and it is through the arteries that the blood pours from the lungs, after it has been charged with air, oxygen. It is then that the most marvelous and wonderful process of precipitation or materialization of flesh takes place, as this oxygenated blood reaches all parts of the body, and is precipitated into flesh, bone, muscle, nails, hair, etc.

Before the blood has been carried through the lungs it has been supplied with the mineral, or inorganic salts, which have been carried into it through the delicate absorbent tubes of the mucous membrane of stomach and intestines.

The Bible does not state that the body of man was made from the food that must have been eaten, but plainly states “from the dust of the ground”. Therefore it is evident that we must concede that as food is necessary to sustain life it is the dust of the ground or in other words the inorganic or mineral salts contained in the food which are the stones or minerals from which the human temple is built. The air we breathe Furnishing the material which precipitates the mortar which holds them together thus meso or Mason.

There are many things that are needful in order that the process of bodybuilding may be carried on successfully, but there are two things that are absolutely necessary and those are, air and food. Water is required, but food may contain much liquid material.

The body is built therefore from the 2 substances without which it could not exist .

On the rock, Peter or Petra meaning stone, of the mineral salts is the human structure built and the grave, stomach, or hell shall not prevail against it. The minerals in the body do not disintegrate in the grave. They are found intact long years after the form has disappeared.

As the mineral salts in the food furnish the base of the blood, we know that the food which is taken into the stomach and which contains them in combination must be separated in order that the salts may be set free. In order to accomplish this the food is acted on by the gastric juice, bile and pancreatin which sets up a combustion or burning, and the oil or fibrin, which has held the different minerals together in the food, is burned up in this process. The minerals which are then free may be any of the 12 basic salts which are found in the ashes of the cremated body, which are potassium, sodium, lime, iron, magnesium, silica, etc.

Food is fuel and must be digested or burned in the stomach and intestinal tract to furnish Force to run the physical machinery as well as to set free the cell salts, which remain intact and are not changed in any manner, therefore “The Gates of Hell (grave or stomach) do not prevail against them”.

The mineral salts of the human organism are intelligent entities and work under divine guidance which man has designated as chemical affinity.

These molecules of iron, lime, magnesia, potash, sodium, and silica must have certain substances to work with such as albumin, fibrin, oxygen, water, etc or they cannot work that is “they have lost their saver” or substance.

The mineral salts are the base of blood and good blood is the product of proper balance of the dynamic molecules. Poor or imperfect blood is the product of a break and the molecular chain of the salts. Having “lost the savor” some of the salts are good for nothing and hence the deficiency that causes so-called disease.

Those who insist that the inorganic salts must pass through the vegetable in order to become “organized” are in error. The salts build the vegetable or fruit, and are not acted upon, nor in any manner changed by the process.

Vegetation cannot exist in the absence of the mineral base but the minerals exist in the absence of the plant.

The salts in soil, vegetable and in the ashes of a cremated body possess the very same formula, which proves that “the gates of hell did not prevail against them”.

Those who claim that the inorganic salts cannot be prepared fine enough to be taken up by the absorbance of the mucous membrane make a statement at variance with facts. Science Now prepares these salts much finer than those contained in grain, vegetable, or fruit.

Professor Liebig, the worldwide authority in chemistry says “it happens that a tissue in dis-ease reaches such a degree of density, becomes so clogged, that the salt solution of the blood cannot enter to feed and nourish it but if, for therapeutic purposes, a solution of salts be so triturated and given so diluted that all its molecules are set free, it is presumable that no hindrance will be in the way of these molecules to enter the abnormally condensed part of the tissue.

Professor Huxley said at an international medical congress in london “I believe it will, in a short time become possible to introduce into the human organism a molecular substance that will, by the law of chemical affinity, find its way to the particular group of cells or nerve plexus that may be in need of it”.

Professor Virchow in his lecture on cellular pathology says “the cells of the organisms are not fed, they feed themselves. The absorption of matter into the interior of the cells is an act of the cells themselves”.

Alfred Binet a noted French scientist says in his work the psychic life of microorganisms the microorganisms do not nurse him themselves indiscriminately nor try to feed blindly upon every substance that chance may throw in their way. The microscopic Cellular in some manner know how to choose and distinguished Elementary substances from particles of sand. Let us remember that the cells are a product of the mineral salts.

So I am led to believe that the cells must be intelligent organisms, and can choose their own nourishment. This being the case how foolish if not criminal to place only a poisonous agent within their reach.

As the research of Binet, the french scientist , show that organisms select their own food from the material at hand, so does the pomeranian scientist, the great Virchow, clearly demonstrate that the cells that build the human form divine, also select their nourishment from material within reach, and that nothing foreign to their constituent parts can be forced upon them, except to produce injury or death. Professor Virchow’s research demonstrate the fact that abnormal cells are caused by a lack of the chemical constituents that are required to produce normal cells.

The renowned Dr. Schuessler says “the inorganic substances in the Blood and Tissue are sufficient to heal all diseases that are curable at all. The question whether this or that disease is or is not dependent on the existence of germs, fungi, or bacilli is of no importance in biochemic treatment. If the remedies are used according to the symptoms, the desired end, that of curing dis-ease, will be gained in the shortest of way”.

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