Clean Like a Whistle / Weighing of the Heart.

Just a Thot –
I was sitting listening to this song ‘Clean Like a Whistle’ by Chronixx (he speaks of keeping a clean heart) … … and I went into some Thot about the ancient Khem depiction known as the ‘Weighing of the Heart Ceremony’.

Reggae music is awareness and nature, containing lessons and teachings. Positive messages creating positive vibes. Like any good student one must listen to learn but then apply and experience to gain Knowing. Reggae music is deep and has thick substance, it is not paper thin with zero meaning as much of the music is today. Finding good positive artists to listen to and grow from, it can be the same as reading texts, even more powerful !!!!!!!
Listen to Chronixx music he is epic and one of the leaders, watch this prophet unfolding before our eyes !!!!!!!

So this ancient depiction of judgement shown. One of my long-time favs(i have a few i fell in love with the minute i saw them and never cared what they were even called, i just used to stare at them and all the symbols and glyphs in awe) in the many Wholy ancient source depictions. It is about the deceased ones heart and its level of purity during the lifetime that the judgement is made upon (YOU/soul). Anything else after this teaching is merely a copy, put into another way of speaking it, or in many cases twisting it to veil it or to use improperly in negative materialistic gaining ways. Your heart(on the left of scales, a jar) is said to be weighed on the scales against a feather(on right side of scales). Your heart must be of equal weight to the feather, be pure. To enter your afterlife, your heart had to be light. You gained a light heart by doing many good deeds during your lifetime and by being kind and having compassion for other humans and living things, in all of nature and so on. The feather represents the Natural principle and concept of truth, order, balance, harmony and is the ‘Goddess’ Ma’at which therefore it is a feminine aspect, in nature. The scales, a cross, judgement. The scales also can hold duals on either side and Ma’at or balance(mastery) is then center of the duals. The’gods’ in this depictions main body are male and are merely workers for the female ‘goddess’ Ma’at, it is only she who has the word or say, and her feather. Male aspects supporting the ruling female aspect. A performance only completed together by way of mutual harmony and balance between these ‘gods’ and ‘goddesses’. Masculine and feminine principles and energies and aspects of the All, viewing Nature not limited to earth but beyond universal in its workings.
In this depiction from left to right we have first Annubis(jackal head, fear), you must be accompanied by him as he will take you through the afterlife if your heart passes the test and you will face your fears from your previous life and grow from it, Annubis was the tomb robber(fear) in the days when a tomb was a pile of rocks over the body etc and he therefore caused the evolution to large secure stone block tombs. The mummified body was sacred. That is a rare teaching from Hakim Awyan. Annubis is also operating the scales and next beside him we have the monster Ammit(croc head/hippo legs) at the scales with him ready to eat the heart if it weighed heavy(dark) from wrongdoings against the light feather of Ma’at. (satan etc just mite be from this character Ammit). The soul (YOU) then not allowed to enter the afterlife and back around again to the otherside, the cycle ended from one impure lifetime. Finished. It would be viewed the same as the Sun dipping below the horizon and into dark(afterlife) crucifiction but not coming up again ‘into light'(life) resurrection as it did over and over …. lol so stay pure Sun and keep your heart Light !
Next we have Atop the scales sits Ma’at balanced in the center in harmony wearing her feather of truth and harmony atop her head.
Next in the depiction is Thoth(Ibis head,or represented as full baboon animal)at the right of the scales. Thoth thought is the scribe, thee 1st scribe and inventor of language, arts, sciences, music, writing, universal calcs, etc. Thought created much. He is present as the recorder of the ceremony event.
Next we have Horus but with no crown so perhaps young gesturing Mr Osiris, perhaps to check if he is pleased in the tribunal of 43 deities seated above starting with Ra, and judgement and with behind him lastly, Nepthys in foreground and behind her is Isis.
There was no word ‘death’ back in these ages in pre ‘Egypt’ they used the term ‘westing’, the same as the Sun above does everyday after rising in the east. Even the funeral texts placed with the body called today ‘The Book of the Dead’ was never called this, it is ‘The Book of Coming Forth’ is the proper title. I believe at this point mummification of the deceased would be possibly taking place or preparations at least, so the figure in white seems to possibly be Ba and Ka ‘of the deceased’. If you look close at both figures in the white gown, one gown is transparent and you can see the fabric vertical lines especially in the legs, where as with the gown on the right you do not clearly see the legs through the fabric as on the left but we do see just a silhouette of the legs ‘hidden by the gown’ etc. Lastly both figures in the white gown have one leg forward, this depicts motion or movement or living with all statues and depictions, so also we have statues and depictions on temples with one leg forward, living, living temple …. and tombs we have the legs together, not in motion, not living at rest. So since the weighing of the heart is a soul judgement (THE TRUE YOU), i do not believe this is the ‘material person’ present but the ‘soul’, 2 essences Ba and Ka.

So i see masculine and feminine principles, energies, aspects of the All nature. Named and depicted as human male and female gods and goddesses, and then in texts they speak of the joining or uniting of certain gods and goddesses and creating offspring either male or female so 2 energies or forces combined and created or resulted in a new or 3rd energy etc. Two aspects in nature crossed and a third was the result. Then if you write that these offspring sometimes united (incest in the gods and goddesses)and created more offspring all in one ‘family'(just as the aspects and principles have families or categories or groups) then it is a way to twist it allegorically in the literal form and pervert it to keep its wisdom hidden beneath the literal or surface write. Keep outsiders uninterested, against it and the like.

Note: if you strip the self of the shell, appearance, what you the brain thinks it represents, ‘who’ you are trying to be, all the materially surfacey once around crap, you can meet the thing inside called soul and let IT speak. It is the material that attaches shyness, embarrassment, emotion, etc to the topics which is very very limiting and narrow, staying in a molded box. Its time to hear this wise voice within and only you can hear it and either let it speak forth or keep it silent in the inner torment and try to act clear and focussed on the exterior and in the crowds. The only thing that stops me from posting certain things is my material infant self. I know to keep it quiet as it is only concerned with things such as “what will people think if i post this”. We dress the shell and cut the hair to match the face, the vase. Farthest thing away from being the true self, that which we either are unaware of or keep hidden. Lookinnotout. Dave Emm.



One thought on “Clean Like a Whistle / Weighing of the Heart.

  1. Thot(Thoth~Thaut) was the all around God-of-Wisdom. It was Thaut who taught man to speak distinctly. Our word thought derived from the God, Thot.

    Maat was the consort, wife of Techu(Thoth~Hermes) Thoth God-of-Science. Ma’ats law was the law that’s never been broken since the time of Assur(Asar~Osiris). Math was Maat’s law.

    Maat Ma Tek = mathematics

    Thoth is credited with the invention of writing and numerals.

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