Fight or Flight, Tiger Within.

Nature is trying to play a symphony, you. Health.
Self triggering fight or flight. You put yourself into unharmonious fight or flight mode cellularly simply with thoughts of worry and stress and over concern and the brain creates an imbalance in harmonious vibration/chemicals in the bloodstream nutrition that the bodies cells have to fight back into harmonious state of function or resist.
The cellular mode of fight or flight transformation from harmonious state depletes the cells harmonious side lowers immune, sickness and dis-ease set in easily, just one example.
Fight or flight mode is not only triggered from outside sources and threats as the greats such as Lipton teach us using the example from the past as “run from the sabre tooth tiger” … today it is ourselves, the tiger can be from within. Keep the thought positive, Material and physical actions can harm the body but it is the invisible that can harm it much worse from the inside out. Slow it down. As the lifestyle is too fast paced so is the vibration, slow it all down a bit, as it is within so it is without, things are slowed before meditation not sped up or raised in vibration. Take a breath. Dave Emm. Lookinnotout.


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