Look In Not Out :

This blog is based on realizing/studying/changing the habit/pattern/trait (subconscious(alseep.unaware,auto-pilot ) ) of , pointing blame outward , always going outward for help , guidance , direction , answers , solutions , permission , authority , etc as we are taught and molded . So then changing that habit , to being present/mindful/aware(conscious) and going inward and finding/re-uniting/using the heart/intuition/soul , reconnecting the self as one ….. mirroring then , outward . The One . Rekindling the flame mankind had once inside in ancient times . Light Internal/External . Also any topics that are positive and share any knowledge that might help others in consciousness , awareness , the self  .

Unity / Syncretism / Source ,  to Everything . Thank You . Dave Emm   :)


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