Ascended/Illuminated Ones


I have been a free thinking out of and far far away from the box thinker since a child . Now in my later years as i am given “masters” to , look into their work and ways of thinking , i see that i resonate everything they say and i am on track . They all merely resonate ancient consciousness ( the sky , mercury , the sun , hermes , thoth …)… none were gifted or above anyone else . They were illuminated each to different levels or stages by going inward and reconnecting with the ancient or consciousness , to the soul , the spirit , the one , etc  , which is the same as reconnecting to nature and the sky . All echoing the same harmony and ONEness , zero division , be it in everyway that it is presently .

There are many greats through time that were highly enlightened that you can use to study or check your own thinking with , these are some i enjoy ….

Manly P Hall : Canadian born master of wisdoms , over 8000 lectures (many many on youtube) . One of the easiest lecturers to follow and understand and resonate with .



Ancient Thoth/Thot/Thought : one of the sources … the first ” scribe” of the source(sun/consciousness,etc) at least . His ancient texts , the first , The Emerald Tablets . Huge huge roll in Egypt .



Walter Russell … one of the great geniuses . Illuminated and sat for a 3 week period , after being demanded … from nature/sky to write .. he wrote the incredible The Message of the Divine Ilead . Founder of Russellian Science …. Newton, einstein, hawking, sagan and lately micho koo koo have all been dethroned for the false science they taught for their corporate masters. The false academic sciences have been utterly demolished within the pages of the many volumes written by Walter and Lao Russell regarding the true Nature of our Universe .






My 3 favs/sources(sources of all things known) , of all .





Hermes Trismegistus …… the king , Thrice Greatest . In this pic along with Caduceus Staff in left hand , planet Mercury symbol in right hand , or course father and mother to all (sun(all wisdom and consciousness) and moon) , alchemy flask and fire in foreground ,etc ,  much much symbolism in this pic .



John Anthony West , amazing work on Egypt , the leader in symbolism in Egypt . Wrote Serpent in the Sky and continued R A Schwaller de Lubicz work of Temple In Man , re-corrected the dating on the Sphinx scientifically  from water damage not sand ( changing histories complete timeline ) . Against all the “quackedemics ” as he calls them and calls himself a ” Rouge Egyptologist ” . The Finest . Check out his series on youtube …. 9 hours … Magical Egypt a Symbolists Tour .



R A Schwaller de Lubicz …. studied the most amazing and the worlds largest temple , in egypt . The temple in man . Karnak or Luxor Temple …. an exact layout on the ground of the human body with exact proportion and all the 12 systems etc in place and everything else about the human form ….. one of the most incredible things on this planet . He studied the temple for more than 15 years .


aorimages4Ben Stewart … great online movies Kymatica and Esoteric Agenda , stumbled across Ben ages ago , Great awareness movies .


Mr. Santos Bonacci …. my all time favorite in the ancient wisdoms , holy science …aka Mr Astrotheology . More than 30+ years of research and studies . Absolute wonderful and amazing lectures and seminars are out there of his to view . The most high recommended . Period . He helps to open up age long locked gates i will say . 14059397_santos-bonacci_1366320010,640x360,r:1a5e80e5c820c0ea48bb00528f4528096


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