Color , Sound , Vibration , Wheelcharts


ALL Is Vibration , varying frequencies and amplitudes of cycles . Waves .

Some Vibrational Syncretism .

Everything is Vibration , Vision , Hearing , Energies , Forces , Actions , Thought and Inner effect on the body(health) as well as projected vibrations outward to attract likewise , etc . Positive and negative ampiltudes/effect of waves . The first photo showing sinewaves of differing frequency (occurance over time) but equal amplitudes (heights)  ( balanced , draw a line trough the centers diagonally through them and above it is positive amplitude and below that center line is negative wave amplitude )… all vibrations regardless of what man labels them follow suit .

There is no such thing as sight or sound they are tiny vibrational slices off the TOTAL Vibrational Scale of ALL Things . We have devices called ears and eyes that are made to receive only these slices of vibrationa and send signals to the brain that we have then labelled as sight and sound . Just as science has and needs devices be it in mechanical/electronic form , to see these other slices off the Total chart (in space for example) and so on and man labels these slices again as desired .

So here are some more charts to trigger some though on it all if anyone likes ….

Lookinnotout . Dave Emm .





solfeggiostart3300 uvrays vibrational visible-light Vitality_Tone-new wheels 06PHY009_EM_Spec2_LR 815215d0-d66d-4042-a7c1-b8bb18f3617f BodyPoster2 c40383dc0f40f5bd8617500f4267acdc cercle_dhorloge_de_cinquiemes_grande_horloge_ronde-re5c49536ff9f4730ad5edf312d608977_fup13_8byvr_1024 chakra-color-wheel chakratones_large chartingrainbowchakras circle-of-fifths-open-key-traktor color_wheel_ring_classic_round_sticker-r5a7a26ff162141839d2d4139d8ef8608_v9waf_8byvr_1024 Color-ring Color-ring1 color-theory-1-530x374 colour-wheel-tonal-values consciousness-scale-vibration DONE DEAL CHART1 emotional-body-map-aura-kirilian-photography harmonics-comparisons InezPerryChart Print light-correspond-2 LightMeasure-2 MatEn4 maxresdefaultnb mccof Muscle-posters-set-public music MusicColorWheel NotesCOLOR1 NotesCOLOR2 picture-7 RCWnewTMmasterRGBBLnumRedRing650 Solfeggio_Meditations_Chart