It is a study/practice for the self in : returning the self to an enlightened stage by achieving levels in ascension . As one has descended from above to a materialistic being with 5 senses and disconnected from the source . Stepping outside the 5 senses in order to achieve these levels as they are even “unseeable” or not perceivable . A box(you) with 5 openings( senses ) , can only interact outside into the mass vastness , by ways with which what the box holds , being what those 5 senses have formed for programs inside of it …..220px-Adamtree ar2cad1a DPF.FIG7.1 images Jewish_kabbalah Kabbalah kabbalah kabbalah_science_and_the_meaning_of_life_figure_15 khunrath03 templa5 TreeOfLife10UniversalSymbolAdam_Kadmon adam_kadmon1 Adam_Kadmon_C_final_scrn_800x1600 As Above So Below cabala Christian Kabbalah de principio Fludd-Sephirothic-Tree-with-Bardon-Info-web1 fractalkabbalah_7152007_screen(fixed lines)HeartTreasurefinal kabbalah-astrology Kircher_Tree_of_Life magen microcosm_macrocosm portael Qabalistic_Astrology_by_LightCircleArt tree-of-life vierling_microcosmos_melothesia wig


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