Khem KMT Teachings

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Ancient Khem wisdom and tradition . Long before the word “Egypt” (Aegyptos is a contraction of the Greek term Hi-Gi-Ptos. Hi-Gi-Ptos was a Greek transliteration of the ancient term Het-Ka-Ptah. . The same region perhaps but differing era’s .

The Source of interpreted wisdoms in cultures and religions . The first Priests , not for religion but for knowledge .

The birthplace of Gods , many Gods as they represent pure science principles in Nature Ntr . A simple and unified pure system . Pick a principle of Ntr and determine if masculine or feminine , and “label” with a female or male “god” . Veiled in writting sometimes as brother and sister gods joining and having “offspring” , meaning a masculine and feminine principle combines to create another principle .

The times were pure and based on unity As Above So Below , before any division and separation . Then darkness , ego and greed stepped up and the divisions started as we fell away from the light(the knowing) . Dave Emm .


Nut and Gib depiction below . The 5 stages of the Sun . Gib is male , earth(laying) and Nut is female , the sky(arched) . “Her” birth canal is east and her head is west , this is the daily path of the Sun . The first of the 5 stages named Sa-Ra … birth of Ra(sunrise , morning) Kheper .

EG_BO_Geb in Nut_big

Ra , Sun in the solar barge travelling across the sky daily . How else do you travel a great span or open waters , all the same . The watery seas , the desert sea , the sky sea , etc .