Luxor/Karnak Temple(Per-Ba) In Man

The worlds largest temple . Fav place to be on the planet . The temple itself was/is the master and the teacher to any illuminated initiate . A perfect proportioned human form lays down over it exact , and has all the systems of the body in the correct locations etc . As Above So Below Temple . R A Schwaller de Lubicz studied on site this temple for almost 20 years ….. also know that the incredible John Anthony West (rouge “egyptologist” who “stands alone”) continued some of his work or studies (ex 9hr Magical Egypt Symbolist Tour video) … Epic …. NATURE/Fibonacci/harmony/balance/proportion/the human form/planet/universe , etc etc Syncretism/Source/ Kmt …. stand in a correct temple = stand in a forest or jungle . One thought for all things , no divisions/separations . Giggle or grasp , your choice .


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