Santos Bonacci

Do you know this name ? You need to . This particular gift to this planet has well over 30 years of research into the Holy Science , the science of light , the sinewave . He has compiled all the great writings and authors and channellers throughout the ages , he can give you a list of reads like no other . He has compiled all the great works into one , Syncretism , a singular source of all writings . Before any division or separation on this planet , the time of unity , it existed . Santos will bring out in you what you thought you never had , an innate wisdom is triggered and begins to emerge and research . Its in every being as every being is nature , but has been pulled away from its home by a controlling force known as religions , authorities , corporations , governments , and the like ….. i could go on but this page is dedicated to the most important gift on this planet right now among many many greats .

Santos Bonacci . Mr Astrotheology . Remember the name .

I will be compiling a collection of Santos seminar vids on this section . I have seen ALL his work . Please stay tuned and check back , thanks .




Vid-1 . Santos Bonacci: The Sacred Secret of the Christ Within (The Rapture)


Vid-2 . Santos Bonacci – The Sacred Cerebrospinal Fluid – Amsterdam Presentation 2 [09/08/2013]


Vid-3 . As Above So Below Part 1


Vid-4 . Secret of Secrets: The Elixir of Life, Hiding in the Bible Part 1


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