Solar Barges

Anyone like to go sailing through the vast waters …….. above ? 🙂

… from a site :
Ancient Egypt and the Sun Boat of Ra. Ra, the Supreme Solar God was believed to traverse the sky each day in a solar barque, or sun boat, and pass through the realms of the underworld (Duat) each night on another solar barge to reappear in the east every morning. These two sun boats in which Ra was supposed to sail over heaven were called the Atet, or Matet, the boat in which he journeyed from sunrise until noon, and the Sektet boat in which he journeyed from noon until sunset. According to ancient Egyptian mythology he was attacked in the Underworld and battled against Apep, the mighty or serpent or snake god, that typified of evil and darkness. Explore the fascinating world of Sun Boat.

Facts about the Sun Boat

Solar Barge Fact 1:
A “sun boat” (also “solar barque”, “solar barge” and “solar boat”) is a mythical representation of the sun riding in a boat.

Solar Barge Fact 2: The Ancient Egyptians used to bury a “solar boat” near the tomb of their pharaoh because they believed that their ruler needed transportation in the afterlife.

Solar Barge Fact 3: According to ancient Egyptian religious beliefs, the soul of the dead accompanied the sun on its eternal journey in the Upper Waters (the heavens) around the world. A boat or at least a model of a boat was therefore included in every tomb.

Solar Barge Fact 4: The solar barge was called the ‘Boat of Millions’ because all of the gods and the souls of the dead might be needed in its crew to fight evil.

Solar Barge Fact 5: The Sun god Ra was often depicted alone on the Day boat but was accompanied by other gods in the night boat

Solar Barge Fact 6: The Solar Barge was believed to be subject to attacks by not only Apep but also dangerous crocodiles, and snakes

Solar Barge Fact 7: The prow and stern of the solar barge were often depicted with images of crowns, snakes, animal and human heads

the Mesektet Boat, glorious its trappings, and its colours are of amethyst and emerald, jasper and turquoise, lazuli and the lustre of gold.

Solar Barge Fact 8: The Matet Boat was described as glorious in its trappings, and its colors were of amethyst, emerald, jasper and turquoise, lazuli and the lustre of gold. Whereas the Sektet boat was plain and without trappings of grandeur.


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