the ART of destroying fibonacci numbers , nature … . by Dave .

… artificial food , artificial water , artificial medicine = artificial intelligence – creates artificial language , artificial money , artificial immune system , artificial feelings , artificial ascension , artificial illnesses … … replicated food , replicated water , replicated medicines = replicated minds = true ego , true greed , true materialism .


The Perennial Philosophy The Hermeticism of the Hermetic Fellowship is also called the Western Esoteric Tradition, and embraces that essential outpouring of the Light known as thePhilosophis Perennis, the Prisca Theologia, the Wisdom Tradition, and the Ageless Wisdom. Esoteric legend holds that this is a body of spiritual teachings that have been passed down through the…

The Power Of Consciousness .. Dr Bruce Lipton Interview . This video from the great Dr Bruce Lipton is easy to understand , and the tools he exposes to all are simple to apply … one of the most valuable vids to understanding the mind etc … take 50 minutes sometime and watch this …. life changing .