Apep Apophis

Apep Apophis
Syncretism mindset/perspective .
I threw this together to take the thot wiiiiide !
Its the snake or serpent that is always the main God ( Creator . Wave . Vibration . Energy , sinewave , circle with tail in mouth , spiral , coil ) .

Across the board . Where ever its depicted go back to that cultures or religions roots and see . Back past interpretation and lies if it can be found .

Skip back past all religions and cultures into Africa in the times of KHEM .
There are deep deep hidden teachings in the snake (Apep) . Whether it’s form be in a flowing sinewave , a circle , a spiral , a coil . The creator is the wave (even modern science tells us this ) , all is vibration , frequency , cycle , Hz .

While i was doing some writing on ancient solar barges and i had a chat with Santos he placed , like usual lol , a deep seed in the brain without me knowing and yep i watered it and poof …. i combined our conversation about , the wave , Atum / Atom / Adam say it as you will , and today i discovered a family chart written of the ancients and some images of the snake depicted in ancient KHEM , same area but before it was renamed egypt by the greeks etc etc and their writings .

Theres a vibration/wave chart from 0 Hz to 1 Zillion Hz imagine . The ears receive the vibrations from 20hz to 20 000 hz the ear drum receives and converts mechanical vibration to electrical , and we call it hearing , the eyes receive a section of this chart and we call it sight/color spectrum . Devices receive sections of this chart and we call it infra red , gamma , ultraviolet etc etc ….. The earths frequency they say is around 7.8Hz i believe , that is lower than we can hear …… much is going on and vibration is doing much to hold it together for us . Sound healing , every organ has a frequency , bone , skin ,

Every pic here shows this sinewave and so the sinewave is energy/vibration of course , and differing energies depending on the frequency of the wave and its amplitude etc . They are telling in some depictions that its energy(snake/sinewave) that carries Ra’s(the Sun) solar barge across the sky . Just as names can blend and era’s blend , so can the snake be a wave , a spiral etc , it has one title . Vibration . Masses see a snake depiction and think of a cave man and giggle , ya the Khemet’s knew all science , even the ancient ancient Dogon tribe in africa , did finger paintings of our solar systems on cave walls , and the snake in sinewaves and spirals and coils lol aren’t we advanced ? Now mankind argues over it and shrouds it all .
Powerful syncretism if you use the snake in this mindset across the board …. no pie slices anymore . Dave Emm . Lookinnotout .1513208_1599607253636887_1270034303208595562_n 10408528_1599607493636863_3124866961345662852_n 10410816_1599607210303558_8186580795224681024_n 11039225_1599607343636878_4488292956721358124_n 11059942_1599607683636844_7548563623443295441_n 11141160_1599607190303560_8202372887215367401_n 11207274_1601967830067496_4672383009869417943_n 11214197_1601967853400827_7520395180398769955_n 11215742_1602138463383766_1315324977257963489_n 11215817_1599607703636842_4720873841127523135_n 11703191_1599606653636947_8059210169261231769_n 11742665_1599607730303506_8004263955170575687_n 11750640_1599607460303533_1623180094262847930_n 11752486_1599607573636855_373993709667364118_n 11760174_1599607313636881_1860134632189973769_n 11760321_1599607233636889_9150318412024942522_n 11781729_1599607380303541_76454249718552289_n 11781755_1599607146970231_4187743370713544849_n 11800242_1601967876734158_5273893454296703740_n 11800397_1601967816734164_3836140810706820310_n 11811486_1601967803400832_7884233097489630828_n 11813248_1601967933400819_4380263253780317480_n 11813320_1601967913400821_4322307786963678715_n